Understanding the Rules and Etiquette of the game…

We have some unwritten rules in golf which apply to most golf courses in the world.  The number one issue at golf courses is speed of play.  An average full length golf course has par 3’s, par 4’s and par 5’s.  Each hole will very in length from 100 yards to 550 yards.  Some holes take longer due to the length and difficulty.

It is a normal standard for players to complete nine holes in approximately 2 hours to 2.5 hours.  We share the golf course with hundreds of other people on the same day.  Without this standard, there are always problems with slow play which can negatively effect golfers experience and the golf course.

90 % of golfers are unable to play a 9 hole golf course with less than 50 strokes.  When you play and take more swings, it does take more time. There are many fun rules you can play to help keep up the speed of play.   As a novice golfer, score is not something you need to worry about.

FUN RULES TO MAKE YOUR DAY A BETTER DAY if you are not an experienced player.

  • Swing a maximum of two times, a practice swing and your real swing.
  • When you miss the ball (wiff it) pick it up and take it 100 yards further up the fairway.
  • If you are in the bunker and can not get the ball out… throw it out.
  • When you are on the putting surface, limit your putting attempts to maximum of three.
  • If riding in a power cart or you have a pull cart, leave your cart by the area of the green where you would head towards the next hole.  It will be ready for you when you putt out and leave the green towards the next hole.
  • Be ready for your shot. Know the club you want to use and the target you want to hit to before you arrive to your ball.
  • Furthest person away hits first, when you are all close in distance, then READY GOLF, the person ready to hit goes… don’t wait (unless your ball is too far ahead of others).
  • If you can not find your ball, drop one close to where you think it should be.
  • Only take a maximum of double par on any hole.

HABITS OF GOLFERS that slow down play, things to be aware of and try to avoid

  • Talking and telling stories when it’s your turn to hit.
  • Leaving golf clubs in front of the green to putt, then having to walk back to get them before heading to the next tee box.
  • Not watching to see where your ball ends up and spending too much time trying to find it.
  • Taking too many practice swings… one is enough, really 😊.
  • Waiting to decide what you need to do for your next shot (club selection, distance and target) only when it becomes your turn, instead of while you approach your ball.
  • Walking slowly without paying attention to getting to your ball in a timely manner.
  • Consuming alcohol or talking on the phone when you need to be getting ready for your shot.
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